Topical Listing
Access to Facility
Age of Majority
Appropriate Program or Placement
Assistive Technology
Case conference Committee Meeting
CCC: Adequate Notice
CCC: At Mutually Agreed Upon Time/Place
CCC: Failure to Utilize
CCC: Parent's Request to Convene
CCC: Participants
CCC: Procedures
CCC: Taping CCC Meeting
CCC: Written Report
Comparable Facilities/Space
Comparable Instructional Materials
Continuum of Placement Options
Credit for Coursework
Disaster Plan
Early Childhood
Educational Records: Amending
Educational Records: Parent Access
Evaluation: Independent Evaluation
Evaluation: Procedures
Evaluation: Reevaluation
Evaluation: Timelines
Expelling a Student with a Disability
Extended School Year Services
Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
Functional Behavioral Assessment
General Education Intervention
Hearing Orders: Compliance
Homebound Instruction
Identification of Student with a Disability
Individualized Education Program
IEP: Accessibility to Teachers
IEP: Components
IEP: In Effect at Start of School Year
IEP: Initiation and Duration Dates
IEP: Length and Frequency of Services
IEP: More than 12 Months Old
IEP: Non-implementation
IEP: Progress Report
IEP: Transition Plan
Instructional Day
Interim Alternative Educational Setting
Least Restrictive Environment: Access to Academic Programs
Least Restrictive Environment: Access to Non-Academic Programs
Legal Settlement
Licensed/Certified Personnel
Manifestation Determination
Medication Administration
Occupational Therapy: Prescription not Required
Paraprofessionals: Preservice/Inservice
Paraprofessionals: Supervision by Licensed Personnel
Parental Consent
Private School (services to student)
Procedural Safeguards
Protection for Student not yet Identified as Eligible for Special Education
Specialized Inservice
Statewide Assessment
Surrogate Parent
Suspending a Student with a Disability
Teacher of Record
Written Notice