Secured website contains school safety templates, sample safety plans, safety audit forms and more.  This requires a username/password and is available to educators, law enforcement, and government agencies.  Username/passwords can be obtained from agency heads and school corporation safety specialists.

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Developed by Governor Pence’s School Safety Study Council in consultation with the Indiana Department of Education

  1. Bullet Active shooter response

  2. Bullet Gang information

  3. Bullet School walk through initiative

  1. Bullet Family resources

  2. Bullet Head start

  1. Bullet Fire and building safety

  2. Bullet Secured school safety grant

  1. Bullet Disproportionate minority contact reduction

  2. Bullet Juvenile accountability block grant

  3. Bullet Safe haven grant

  1. Bullet Bullying information

  2. Bullet School safety training

  3. Bullet Tornado preparedness

“The State of Indiana has no higher priority than ensuring the safety of our Hoosier children.  By bringing together pertinent State agencies as a part of the School Safety Study Council, Indiana is aligning the necessary expertise, resources and training to make our schools safer, let our teachers focus on education, and allow our kids to learn, grow and simply be kids.”

                                 -- Mike Pence, Governor of the State of Indiana